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    PylonTech UP5000 4.8kWh – 48V- Lithium-ion Battery


    The UP5000 is a 48V battery with incredible features to provide a competitive edge in the market. Suitable for small home or office installations to use to power lights, wifi and laptops where power cuts are constant.


    • Modular design for ease of expansion
    • Higher usable capacity resulting in less battery modules installed
    • Usable capacity 4800Wh
    • Parallel Capability of up to 16 units
    • Intelligent BMS protecting battery cells
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    The US5000 is a 48V low voltage solar battery system provided by Pylontech, developed with their own lithium iron phosphate cell to ensure the highest safety value and most promising life cycle.

    Please ensure that the battery bank’s power and storage capacity is sufficient for the inverter and installation requirements.
    This product must be installed by a qualified electrician/technician. All installations must adhere to local wiring regulations and standards. Solar Clarity will not be held liable for any product malfunctions as a result of incorrectly installed systems.

    DIP switch has been deployed reversely. ON is down, OFF is UP. If DIP switches need to be 1000 then set it to 1110. MAX DISCHARGE AND CHARGE RATE IS ONLY APPLICABLE FOR +- 60 SECONDS. The maximum allowed voltage is 53.5V, please ensure that you check the inverter settings are below this BEFORE plugging in the UTILITY/SOLAR to the inverter. Please ensure that you have the correct BMS cable for the correct inverter. Due to the ongoing effect of Covid-19 and the worldwide chip shortage, certain suppliers had to resort to alternative component suppliers. This has affected the compatibility of specific inverter and battery combinations. Please see the Application Note New Pylontech firmware or Application Note Kodak user settings for more info.

    Product Features

    • Modular design for ease of expansion
    • 95% Depth of Discharge (DoD)
    • Usable capacity 4560Wh
    • Parallel capability of up to 16 units
    • Intelligent BMS protecting battery cells
    • RS485 and CAN compatible
    • Comes with 5-year standard warranty non-extendable

    Brochure & Manual Download

    PylonTech UP5000 Brochure
    PylonTech UP5000 Manual

    Additional information




    442 × 420 × 165 mm

    Storage Size


    Volt Size


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    5 Years

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