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    Tired of loadshedding?

    Experience Peace of Mind with Solar. Experience Financial Saving on Electricity Bills. Experience Lights On.

    Energy Calculator

    Use our tool to calculate the electricity you need to cover loadshedding and buy the right back-up kit to keep your house powered up!

    A back-up kit consists of a battery, inverter and / or solar panels. The first step is to determine the battery size which is what our tool will help with.

     Simple and quick easy steps to get you started!

    1. Choose the items you want to be powered on the back up system (we recommend that ONLY essential loads be added, NOT your stove and geyser)
    2. Fill in the quantity of each item
    3. Fill in the wattage of each item (standard wattages already pre-populated as a guide only)
    4. Fill in hours per day you require item to run for (standard 2 hours already pre-populated as a guide)
    5. The result “Total Usage” shows the total watt hour used per your input
    6. We now need to match this kWh usage to a battery that will meet your essential load requirements

    This will be based on the number of hours you want to be powered up, we recommend you having power for at least 4 hours.

    0.25 hours = 15 minutes
    0.50 hours = 30 minutes
    0.75 hours = 45 minutes


    • This load calculation tool is designed to assist you in sizing your system. It provides an indication of the battery sizes required for your specific needs. Selecting a battery size slightly larger than your expected needs is the best way to proceed.
    • When completing the tool, be as accurate as possible with what items (lights, appliances, power supplies etc.) you would like powered on the system.
    • Review the pre-populated watts of the item in your home (check the back of appliances for actual KW) and change if needed.
    • Please bear in mind that this tool contains typical sizes of household loads, your home may vary.
    • Solar Clarity accepts no responsibility for the inputs into the load calculator, KW recommendations and kit selection without consulting a Solar Clarity professional.
    • Once you have determined your battery size, we happy to discuss the results, help match an inverter and provide quotations that will meet your specific needs.




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